Smart Contracts & DLT platforms audits

We provide audits, advice, and consulting services for DLT, smart contracts and blockchain-powered solutions. Be confident in your smart solution, having experienced specialist on your board.


About Scerri Concise

We bring +10 years of experience in security and software development to help our clients and partners thrive in an secure, integrated, mobile-first, blockchain-powered world.

When we launched Scerri Concise, we set out to change the way smart contracts & DLT platforms audits work. The result has been the success of our clients and partners.

Smart Contracts & DLT platforms audits services for your blockchain-powered business. Learn more how we could help!

Functionality and Compliance

Functionality Code Review, Platform Implementation, Forensic Node

System Operations

Security Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Secure Code Review

Organization and Management

Organisational Structures, Information Security, Internal Control


System Description, Formal Documentation

Risk Management, Design, Implementation of Controls

Risk Management, Monitoring of Sub-Contractors, Audit, Transparency

Monitoring of Controls

Logical & Physical Access, Transmission of Information, Detecion of Malicious Software

Change Management

Systems Maintenance Process Audit


Availability, Disaster Recovery

Processing Integrity

Error Handling, Processing Integrity, Immutability


Confidentiality, Access Control, Data Retention

Personal Data Protection

Integrity of Data, Data Disclosure

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